One cup is 36 hands work!


Pottery manufactory

Here every dish is manufactured by hand from beginning to end. Our products differ from factory-made products not only thanks to the technology with the use of which they are manufactured, the design, but to something more. The imperceptible trace of the effort of the creators who give them the shape, the form and the final effective appearance. As in any real manufactory, we use our secret recipes and methods. Those secrets are guarded and passed to the next generations. But we do not keep everything secret. We believe that the piece of Bolesławiec history connected with pottery manufacturing is worth promoting. That is why we have created the Live Museum of Pottery where you can experience the art of its manual production with your own eyes, and sometimes also with your own senses. You are most welcome to visit it!

How is pottery manufactured?

Since the time it was invented, pottery has constantly accompanied man. Practically unchanged with respect to the technology, it reflects ourselves by means of its form – our tradition and our times, our inspirations and the passion for beautiful forms of applied arts.
manufaktura Bolesławiec

Is pottery art?

Manufactured manually, decorated with unique, original patterns, it becomes Art thanks to the elements: earth, water, wind, fire, and the fifth element – man’s aspiration to be surrounded by beauty. This website was created to demonstrate how the fifth element completes the form. How it creates unique ceramic forms.
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